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This is a huuuuge post, may be the hugeist one in my graphics-making lifeXDDD
I made them from mid Feb to mid May.
So...I guess you know what I meanXD
This post also includes some gifts I should post last year. Yes, LAST YEAR.
I am so sorry it take me sooo long.
Hope my lovley friends would forgive me and pick up their gifts.
Anyway, hope all of you like them^ ^

No hotlinking, no stealing, no cutting
Comment are love, credit is must.
If you like what you see, please watch it.

PS. I am in a huuuge arthur/melin, bradley/colin addict.
I wished I know how I can stop making graphics about them..............

[001-028] harry potter
[029-061] twilight
[062-063] steven strait
[064-071] clemence posey + gaspard ulliel
[072-093] merlin
[094-103] lord of the rings
[104-111] emily browning
[112-147] gossip girl
[+banner] blair/nate, arthur, arthur/merlin

two sides of a coinCollapse )

texture preview

download link and infoCollapse )